Characteristics of Hardwood Cabinetry

Since all hardwoods exist in harsh environments, where natural occurring traumas affect how trees grow, each species develops unique colors and grain patterns. High winds, temperature fluctuations, soil conditions and even proximity to other trees can create these unique color and grain variations. As a result, each tree and the lumber they produce are entirely unique.

The characteristics of the four most common hardwood species used in cabinetry are outlined in greater detail below.

Legacy Crafted Cabinets Oak Chip
Red Oak: Red Oak is a solid, open grained hardwood. The color of Red Oak varies from light tan and pink to medium red and brown. The open grain pattern can produce close-knit and vertical grain patterns as well as wider arch patterns. Red Oak can also contain small mineral deposits as well as pin knots.
Legacy Crafted Cabinets Maple Chip
Maple: Maple has a smooth texture with predominantly tight close grain patterns and can produce grains with varied density. Maple is generally creamy white in color but can vary from bright white to light pink and reddish brown. Maple may contain small mineral streaks that are light brown and even black.
Legacy Crafted Cabinets Cherry Chip

Cherry: Cherry is rich in color and smooth in texture. Generally a pinkish-brown, Cherry can also demonstrate white, green, red and grey. Cherry naturally darkens and mellows with age. This generally occurs gradually in the first six months and is more pronounced on natural finishes and lighter finishes - exposure to direct sunlight will accelerate this process.  Mineral streaks, pitch pockets, pin knots and sapwood are natural and acceptable characteristics of Cherry.

Legacy Crafted Cabinets Hickory Chip
Hickory: Within a single piece of wood, Hickory can vary dramatically in both color and grain. Hickory has bold varying grain patterns, giving it a rustic appearance. The color of Hickory can vary from white to dark brown. Burl, mineral streaks and small sound knots are also typical. 

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